Airtel 4G tariff plan for Kolkata is announced. The tariff details as on 10th April 2012 is given below. Plans are available in both prepaid and postpaid.

Plan Name Rentals Free usage (GB) Speed post FUP (kbps)
breakfree 999 6 128
breakfree max 1399 9 128
breakfree ultra 1999 18 128

4G Devices

Airtel 4G USB Modem(Model No.E392)

Using Airtel 4G LTE USB Modem you can connect to a laptop or compatible tablet PC
via USB, for high-speed 4G LTE connectivity.


  • Multi-mode data download capability.
  • A USIM card slot to insert a USIM in the device.
  • LTE network only with USIM.
  • A USB 2.0 connector to connect the airtel 4G LTE USB Modem to the laptop/PC.
  • A Micro SD Card Slot to use the airtel 4G LTE USB Modem as a memory stick.
  • An self-installing Connection Manager in the airtel 4G LTE USB Modem.

Airtel 4G LTE Indoor Wireless Gateways(Model no. B593)

Airtel 4G LTE Indoor Wireless Gateways you can connect to multiple laptops with high-speed 4G LTE connectivity.It is perfect when there are multiple users, for instance, in a family or an enterprise.


  • Data download with unbelievably high speeds.
  • Built-in DHCP Server and NAT
  • Multiple user access and multi-screen video chat (from different locations).
  • Security serve: Comprehensive and robust security services. Provides instant protection that blocks potential security risks and intrusion attempts.
  • Intuitive and convenient web-based management.
  • Local management and maintenance services for your gateway.


Airtel 4G coverage in Kolkata (as on 10th April 2012) is given below in the map.

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