Soon Operators Likely To Provide 3G Speeds For 2G Internet Packs

It seems soon all telecom operators will be providing 3G speeds for all 2G data packs.

Then there will not be separate 2G and 3G data packs. There will be only internet packs which will be common for both 2G and 3G.

You will get 3G speed wherever 3G network is avaialble and everywhere else you will get 2G speed.

Already Airtel is providing 3G speed for 2G packs at many areas as a testing of this move.

Some customers have reported that Vodafone and Idea is also providing the same.

There are customers who received messages from operators that they can enjoy 3g speeds at no extra costs.

It was Reliance who launched 3G packs at low rates and later BSNL also launched unified data packs which provide 3G speed.

It is obvious that other operators will also be following their move inorder not to lose customers.

This move is really useful for all 3G customers and to all users who have access to 3G network.

But it is not good for 2G users who have devices which support only 2G and who are in areas where 3G coverage is not available. They will have to pay more to use the 2G services.

Already in the case of BSNL now 2G alone users are forced to pay more.

But overall this move is a positive one and this may be the beginning of 3G revolution in India.

More people will become interested to adopt 3G service.

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