2 WhatsApp Accounts In Same Phone For Dual SIM Android Phones [No Root Required]

Now a days Dual SIM phones are very common.
One of the problems which Dual SIM users face is that they are not able to use two whatsApp accounts in the same phone.
WhatsApp officially supports only one account in a device.
An option to overcome this issue is by rooting your phone. But you will end up loosing the warranty for your phone.

There is another workaround for this issue without rooting.
Its by installing OGWhatsApp.
Then you can use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. One through OGWhatsApp and other through official WhatsApp account.

But now need to follow certain steps.
1.Download OGWhatsApp .apk file from here. (dont install)
2.Take a backup of your conversations in WhatsApp (only if you want to keep your messages)

3.Clear WhatsApp data (Settings>>Apps>>WhatsApp>>Clear Data)

4.Rename “WhatsApp” folder into “OGWhatsApp” [Very important step]

5.Install OGWhatsApp
6.Verify your number you used before in WhatsApp in OGWhatsApp and restore backup ( only if you want your previous messages)
7.Verify your new number in normal WhatsApp.

Now you can easily use two WhatsApp in your phone.

Let me know through comments if you face any issues.


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