Will 128KB BSNL 3G SIM Provide Better Speed Than 64KB SIM?

I used to get many questions from our readers asking whether 128KB BSNL 3G SIM provide better speed than 64KB SIM.

Actually 128KB and 64KB indicate the memory and it has nothing to do with the 3G speed.

You will get similar speed with a 128KB and 64KB SIM.

We also checked the same using a 128KB and a 64KB SIM at same location,same device, almost similar time.

Below you can see the speed test results.

Location: Calicut, Kerala
Time: 10.45AM
Device: Huawei E3276 4G Modem









You can see that there is no much difference in speed. In fact we got better speed with 64KB SIM !
This is because of difference in timing during which the test was conducted.

So whether its 128KB SIM or 64KB SIM, BSNL 3G gives similar speed.

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