Moto E: Battery Drops Suddenly to 0% And Phone Turns Off

Some of the Moto E users are facing a strange issue in which their battery level drops to 0% suddenly and the phone gets switched off.
When we connect to charger its gets charged from a preset value of 49%, 83% etc. and shows fully charged in 10 minutes or so. But again it gets switched off within some 20-30 minutes.

Your Battery Usage graph will look similar to these screenshots:


Inorder to solve the issue I tried the below steps. But all were unsuccessful!

1. Battery Calibration
2. Hard Reset / Soft Reset the phone
3. Root the phone.
4. Deleting cache, Dalvik cache.
5. Battery Calibration again (with apps that work on rooted phones)
6. Flashing new custom ROM.

All these couldn’t solve this problem and it becomes worse after trying all these steps.

Finally what solved the issue???
Battery Replacement!
I replaced my phone battery and now it works perfectly fine. 🙂

So if you are facing similar problem and its not getting fixed through Battery Calibration then mostly you will have to replace your battery.


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