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Vodafone Revised 3G Packs,Offers Double Data On Selected Packs

Vodafone revised the 3G pack rates for prepaid customers in Chennai and Tamil Nadu circle. Now they are offering double data for selected packs. 1GB data now costs Rs.124. Earlier this offer was applicable only to selected customers. But now its available for all prepaid customers. For the Monthly 3G pack details please see the

Airtel And Vodafone Hikes 2G GPRS Internet Tariff

It seems Vodafone and Airtel are on the way to hike their 2G tariff almost by 50%. In Mumbai circle now Vodafone customers will get only 525 MB 2G data for 30 days at Rs.125 which is almost 50% less when compared to 1GB data they were offering earlier for the same price. In Karnataka

Soon Operators Likely To Provide 3G Speeds For 2G Internet Packs

It seems soon all telecom operators will be providing 3G speeds for all 2G data packs. Then there will not be separate 2G and 3G data packs. There will be only internet packs which will be common for both 2G and 3G. You will get 3G speed wherever 3G network is avaialble and everywhere else

Vodafone:Free Incoming Calls While Roaming At Rs.5 per Day

Now Vodafone customers can enjoy free incoming calls while National roaming at just Rs.5 per day . When this daily pack is activated the Roaming outgoing call charges will be 1.5p/sec. To activate this pack please Dial *444*500# . Monthly plan which offers free incoming calls on roaming is available at: Rs.71 for prepaid customers

Vodafone Overtakes Airtel In Rural India Subscriber Base

According to the latest data by Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) Vodafone India overtook Airtel and became the largest operator in rural India in the basis of subscribers. They now have a rural customer base of 82.24 million while Airtel is having 82.16 million. However Airtel is still in first position in total number